Bisc’ Aventure

The different activities of Bisc’ Aventure and its spaces Sensations

The park has more than 180 different games waiting for you in its trees.  These games are spread across 15 trails, increasing in difficulty and height to set your adrenaline rising.  From 4 years of age upwards, children can access supervised and enclosed games and playing areas.

The park’s Sensations Space comprises 4 great activities:

  • The Giant Catapult brings you to a more than 15 metres height in less than 2 minutes.  Having reached weightlessness, the device allows you to free-fall without any risk;
  • The Free Jump lets you jump from two diving-boards, then land on a giant 100m2 air mattress;
  • The Climbing Wall and the Climbing Tree allow you choose different routes (three routes of increasing difficulty on the wall, and one on the tree).  In this way you can compete with your family or with friends in the “Climb Challenge”, or on the “Extreme Route”;
  • The Big Jump lets you climb to the top of a tower, before throwing yourself into thin air and landing like a superhero.

Bisc’ Aventure has a team of qualified supervisors who take charge of all activities; and excellent security equipment so that you can enjoy unforgettable moments.