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The Port of Larros


The Port of Larros in Landes

Visit the port, try the oysters

The Port of Larros is one of the 7 emblematic ports of Gujan-Mestras!

Between picturesque huts, shipyards, traditional boats, oyster shells strewn everywhere… and the “Barbot” of course, you will be transported!

Discover the Oyster Museum

  • The projection room: NEW FILM IN 2019! On the big screen, passionate oyster farmers share their daily life with you; following the tide, in their hut, tasting on the terraces… Discover an exceptional place, through magnificent images… Arcachon Bay.
  • The technique room: Collectors, oyster bags, mastouns… the technique room explains the equipment and breeding techniques used by oyster farmers on Arcachon Bay.
  • The history room: Go back in time and unveil the amazing history of oysters through the centuries. The menu table will awaken your taste buds with recipes that are as original as they are tasty.
  • The discovery area: A fun space for young and old with a quiz stand, two aquariums and various materials to discover yourself. You will find the answers to your questions about oyster predators, reproduction and oysters around the world here.
  • The water room: How do the tides work? When do we work on the oyster beds? What do oyster farmers do on land?… Enter a miniature world of oyster farmers through realistic models.

The outdoor tour

A museum like no other with an outdoor area! This discovery tour, enhanced by visual aids, helps us better understand the environment around us.

Will you be able to recognize the flora of Arcachon Bay? Can you tell the difference between a flat boat and a pinnace? And will you be able to beat the oyster shack quiz?