Zoo de la Teste de Buch

Teste de Buch Zoo

Children adore wild animals, and they can spend all day watching them without getting tired.  Your own children are no exception to this rule, that’s why you must indulge them.  During this holiday, you’ll want to bring them to meet wild animals.  Set your course for this attractive zoo, where you can discover many animal species.  Tour La Teste-de-Buch Zoo, a place designed for the enjoyment of young and old.

La Teste-de-Buch Zoo:  happiness for your children

La Teste-de-Buch Zoo is also known as the Bassin d’Arachon zoo.  It’s the ideal place for your children to meet different jungle animals.  Situated in the Teste-de-Buch community, this zoo extends over 22 hectares. It benefits from outstanding vegetation and a well-maintained environment.

Because of its extensive area, the zoo has gathered together a variety of all species of animals.  In this way you can see meat-eaters such as white wolves, brown bears, pumas and jaguars.  A variety of non-meat-eaters is also accessible in this charming zoo.  If you are passionate about primates and birds, you’ll discover different species in this zoo