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History of Biscarrosse

Everywhere in the world, history leaves its mark. This makes some places into important tourist sites that can still be visited today. La Rive campsite in Biscarrosse invites you to experience fun and relaxation in a French region with a fascinating history.

The great events in the history of Biscarrosse

Biscarrosse was a forestry town for many years, cultivating the pines that today form the Landes forest. However, it was with the rise of aeronautics that the most exciting pages of its history were written.

After the First World War, in 1930, Pierre-Georges Latécoère set up an assembly and testing site for seaplanes, still known as “airliners”. This came at a very sensitive time when crossing the Atlantic Ocean by ordinary aircraft was too risky. This icon of French civil aviation decided to build planes that could float on water to take off and land. He chose Biscarrosse because of its large area of navigable waters, favorable to the project. He built an air base, making the lakes of Biscarrosse and Parentis witnesses of the flights of the biggest seaplanes, designed for transatlantic post. Famous pilots such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Henri Guillaume and Jean Mermoz piloted the seaplanes.

A little later, Pierre-Georges Latécoère’s assets were liquidated due to financial problems. The Air Post became passenger transport, the precursor to Air France. Thus, hundreds of commercial seaplanes passed over these waters before commercial transport ended.
If there are places that will make you emotional during your holiday, the Biscarrosse Seaplane Museum is definitely on the list. It is located near La Rive.

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